Mono B Story

Who We Are

Established in 2009, Mono B designs and produces distinct multi-occasion fashion for women and men.

Mono B's vast collection includes high-performance activewear, athleisure apparel, loungewear, and swimwear.

Mono B Priority

We believe in putting quality first and foremost.
Mono B has found the balance
between utilizing the highest quality materials
-- from wrinkle-free knits to moisture-wicking fabrics --
and giving you fair and affordable price points.

Mono B Products

Performance wear does not need to be boring or gaudy.
Mono B’s design and production team
combines technology and trend
to produce our ready-to-wear apparel.
Every style is both functional and fashionable.
Every fabric goes through rigorous testing
including for comfort, durability, and dye transfer.

Mono B Promise

Our buyer-centric customer success team
always tries to deliver our promise
and cater to business owners and buyers
while creating the best and memorable experience.

Our Locations



2821 S. Olive St

Los Angeles CA 90007
(213) 746-0000
Mon - Fri (8.30am - 5pm PT)


Covid-19 protocols are in place

747 E 10th St, Unit 107
Los Angeles CA 90021
(213) 765-3387
Mon - Fri (8.30am - 5pm PT)