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Trend Digest: The End of Skinny Jeans

Posted by Rachael Kranick 09/15/2022 0 Comment(s)

Trend Digest



As we say goodbye to our skinny jeans and ankle booties of the 2010s, celebrities and influencers are full speed ahead in the baggiest, oversized bottoms on the market. Even as the trend cycle evolves and we see a constant churn of vintage fashion in our closets, we still see that traditional 20-year cycle continue on rotation. Y2K and the early 2000's are making a huge comeback 20 years later, and with that comes boot cut, wide leg, parachute, and every other oversized baggy pant you can think of. These oversized bottoms are often paired with fitted tops to balance out the silhouette. Trend setters embrace a lower rise and bare midriff, but the rest of us stick with a high waist or a longer length baby tee.


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