Trend Digest: Punk Revivial

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Punk has been flying under the radar for some time now, slowing gathering momentum as a trend while we cycle through recessions and any structure that we once relied on in our daily lives seems to collapse. Emo and punk styles tend to emerge when there's an overall sense of rebellion happening and when people feel that the system is failing them and they need to create their own rules. As a society we struggle to pay our bills and continue to question the traditional work week, building upon elements of rebellion showing up in celebrity and influencer style. Dua Lipa recently attended Vogue's Forces Of Fashion Event wearing all black, adding texture to her look with mesh sleeves and deep red lips. Emma Chamberlain also shows us how to wear dark lips, and that they're best paired with leather-like textures, and head-to-toe black. We also see her featured in Harpers Bazaar, adorned with a silver hardware trimmed dress, dark eyeliner, and an edgy star on her cheek. Super model Bella Hadid shares photos of her off-duty look, dressed in leather separates, complete with silver hardware and corset style tops. And of course, punk icons Megan Fox and partner Machine Gun Kelly are always sharing alternative styling inspo, this particular post accurately captioned "Hot Topic Couture".


For your everyday wardrobe, stock up on blacks in a variety of textures to create visual interest. Deep jewel tones, metallics, and acid wash are also an easy way to achieve this look. Materials that have a leather-like finish can be worn head-to-toe, and layered with mesh tops, and silver accessories. Baggy cargo pants or slim fit leather leggings pair well with a corset style top. This look also easily translates to daytime, just add a denim jacket or pair your corset top with jeans for a more casual look. If you're looking to wear this at the gym, search for your local soul cycle class, where the vibe is edgy and you're riding in the dark already, setting the perfect mood for a darker more alternative look.


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