Trend Digest: Soft Girl

Posted by Rachael 11/16/2022 0 Comment(s)


Trend Digest



Just in time for spring, we welcome a softer, more feminine approach to pastels and soft neutrals. 'Soft Girl' has been trending for some time now, as it feels like a more attainable, sweet natured alternative to Barbiecore. This trend was strongly influenced by Cassie's wardrobe in Euphoria and has since been embraced by numerous influencers (featured above). This aesthetic carries a strong sense of femineity and approachable innocence, but we catch subtle hints of sexuality with an air of nostalgia for our youth, which seemingly haunts the millennial generation continually. 

The Soft Girl Aesthetic can be easily captured though a muted color palette, light cardigans, classic tennis skirts, soft pastel layers, cloud prints, lip gloss, and butterflies. While pink and baby blue are key colors, look to bucket hats and chunky white sneakers to complete the look. This trend generates a lot of youthful energy but don’t let that fool you into thinking that a bit of femineity can’t be embraced by anyone, regardless of generation.


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