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Fashion Choices to Keep You Cool

Posted by Yuska 08/16/2021 0 Comment(s) Fashion Tips,

September 22 supposedly marks the beginning of the fall season, and we wish it would come sooner. This year has seen record-breaking heatwaves in the US, not only in places that are expected to get hot, like Palm Springs in California but also in Oregon and Washington, where the temperature has reached triple digits. 


But before we can get to lowered temperatures (and therefore a chance to dress in layers), we have to get through the remaining weeks of heat, and one small way to deal with it is to adjust what we wear. 


First off, avoid dark colors. Dark colors absorb more light than lighter colors and as such, they absorb more energy (heat). Lighter colors fare much better in reflecting light and therefore not trapping too much energy and heat. Mother nature has blessed the chameleon with the ability to change colors to control their body temperature. Stay with white, ivory, pastels, and light to medium shades of grey to manage the heat with colors.


KT-A0649 in Brown 21


MT572 in Blue


Sweating is one of our body's ways to regulate its temperature and wearing something light and airy with multiple openings can also help sweat evaporate faster, leaving us feeling cooler. This is why sleeveless tops or those with an open back are always popular when the weather starts becoming hotter.


KT-A055 in Khaki


KT11359 in White


In general, clothes made from natural materials such as cotton and rayon are more breathable than their man-made counterparts like polyester and nylon. Modal, a semi-synthetic fiber made of beech tree pulp that's part of the rayon family, has also been touted as a great cotton alternative. 


KT11770 in Brindle (Pima cotton & modal blend)


KT-A0680 in Brown 21 (cotton & modal blend)


However, if you're not a fan of cotton, rayon, or modal for whatever reason, try Mono B's special Cool-Touch active tops. We've come up with a nylon and spandex blend fabric that offers the Mono B signature Easy Breezy access through its micro-perforation. Plus, since they were crafted from nylon and spandex, they wick moisture and have four-way stretch, making them the perfect work-out wear. 


AT-A0435 in White (Cool Touch technology)


MT21022 in White/Grey/Black (Cool Touch technology)


AT-A038 in Grey (Cool Touch technology)


We can survive this heatwave and look great doing it. Just remember to always hydrate to replenish your body's water reserves, keep your hats and shades and sunglasses handy, and don't forget to apply and reapply that SPF30+.