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Meet Newport: Our Elevated Bronze Line

Posted by Yuska 08/27/2021 0 Comment(s) Fashion Tips,

Three of the most important aspects of great activewear are its durability, its wicking ability, and its weight. This is especially true if you do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) such as bootcamp and kickboxing. But doing low to medium impact exercises like Yoga, Pilates, and dance-based workouts with the right activewear can maximize the impact of your training. 


AT-A0737 and APH-A0771 in D Sage



Mono B already has the Bronze line - this is our premium collection that's designed with HIIT in mind. We wove together specific fibers, such as TACTEL, Lycra, and Supplex. These fibers create a very specific blend of fabric that's perfect for all kinds of exercises, from low to high impact. 


And now, we're adding a new lineup to the Bronze collection: the Newport


Crafted from a blend of special Nylon fiber and spandex, items in the Newport line bear all the hallmarks of great activewear.


APH-A0738 in Iris


Durability: activewear in the Newport line has at least three times the tensile strength of our Mono B core line and fares above the other items in the Bronze collection. And that's right. We're breaking one of the stereotypes of fast fashion: the one that says fast fashion items don't last long. Whether you're doing splits or high kicks, the Newport line moves with you and doesn't break down or lose its color, wear after wear, wash after wash. Providing you follow the wash instructions, of course. 


APH-A0772 in Mist


Wicking ability: unlike cotton, the synthetic Newport fibers have been specifically designed to absorb your sweat and transport the moisture from the bottom layer all the way to the top where the air evaporates it. This makes the garment feel comfortable, even as you sweat. The special nylon fiber in our Newport activewear also feels buttery soft.


APH-A0739 in Bark


Weightlessness: The special nylon fiber in our Newport activewear was invented exclusively for sportswear and garments that stay close to the skin. This is why not only are the Newport leggings and sports bras relatively more lightweight than regular activewear, they also feel buttery soft against the skin. Pair this with our high-waisted leggings and the result is a pair of active bottoms that provides abs support as well as creating a flattering silhouette, without the restrictiveness (and danger) of a corset or waist trainer. 


Whether you're a fitness trainer or an enthusiast or are looking for active leggings that not only look great but are also comfortable, Mono B's Newport line is poised to be your next wardrobe staple.