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#SmallBusinessSaturday: Elevate Activewear

Posted by Yuska Lutfi 08/21/2021 0 Comment(s)

On Saturdays, as part of our #SmallBusinessSaturday initiative, we (virtually) visit our retailers across the globe to share their stories!


Today, for our first-ever installment of #SmallBusinessSaturday, we're showcasing Elevate Activewear. Read our interview with Tiffany, the owner of Elevate Activewear. You can visit her store on elevateactivewear.com and check out her Instagram on @elevateactivewear_.


Tell us about your store. How long have you been in the fashion business and what made you want to dive into the fashion industry?

I started my store in September 2019. This is my first business and my first-time experience in the fashion industry outside of working for Nordstrom in college. I decided to open an activewear boutique because I’m a fitness instructor. I used to teach Pilates but now I teach Lagree, which is also a studio workout. When I went back to work after  I had my 3rd child I was spending a lot of money on activewear, especially being in between sizes.  I decided to open a store to keep my wardrobe fresh and fun and to do the same for other people in my industry who may be experiencing the same thing. 



How did you discover Mono B?

I traveled to LA in search of wholesale activewear that I would actually wear myself. I spent hours searching to find very few stores with athleisure/activewear. Mono B was the only store with clothing I would wear myself and feel confident about selling. I found that I actually had a few Mono B pieces myself that I had found online and I loved the fit. I bought a couple of pieces, tried them out, and it was history after that. 



What are you most proud of about your store or what sets you apart from the other stores in your area?

I’m most proud of my prices. I am intentional about providing good quality for affordable prices.


What do you like most about Mono B?

I love the quality. Mono B does a great job staying on-trend and providing tons of options. 


Let's address the elephant in the room: 2020 was not a good year in a lot of ways, but many stores survived because people's clothing needs shifted to more comfortable wear (such as loungewear and athleisure). How were you able to manage through 2020?

I made it through because my store is e-commerce. I don’t have any overhead so all of my sales were coming directly to me. Athleisure wear became more popular since the quarantine. People want to shop but they also want to be comfortable. Because of Mono B, I was able to provide comfortable clothing that’s also trendy. 



Now that we're already more than halfway through 2021, how do you think the year will end? Are you more hopeful?

I’m hopeful that this year will end much better than last. It can only go up from here. It has to!




All photos and videos courtesy of Elevate Activewear.

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