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Goldilock Pieces for Transitional Weather

Posted by Yuska 08/31/2021 0 Comment(s) Fashion Tips,

There's a memorable (and meme-worthy) scene in Miss Congeniality when MC Stan Fields (William Shatner) asks Miss USA pageant contestant Cheryl Frasier of Rhode Island (Heather Burns) what her perfect date is. Her answer is April 25th, because "it's not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket." 


As we're on the brink of Fall (climate emergency notwithstanding), we're entering that reverse period of April 25th. The temperature dips just enough for us to start wearing layers but not full-on winter gear just yet. It's the Goldilocks of seasons. 

And to take a cue from the winner of the Miss USA pageant (well, in the movie anyway), let's see what the equivalent of "light jacket" is in the Mono B universe. 


First up is waffled knits. Truly, these are the stuff of magic. Not only does the name invoke a delicious breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or supper) staple, but it also refers to a special knitting technique to create a fabric that is breathable and insulates warmth to better regulate our body temperature.


KT11421 waffle-knit cropped top in Stone


Then there are cropped tops. Trust us when we say cropped tops are flattering on all body types, especially when paired with a high-waisted pair of Mono B leggings that offer abs support. But instead of the sleeveless or the short-sleeve tops, get those with long sleeves. If you're not a fan of baring your belly but still want to wear cropped tops, well, 'tis the season! Loose-fitting cropped tops are the perfect mate of a form-fitting tee or tank top. Wear contrasting colors to get that color-blocking effect. 


KT-A0330 Tencel cropped top in North Atlantic


The star of the season is truly the light jacket (or cardigan, or vest, or long-sleeve tops). Remember to check the fabric content, though. Viscose, rayon (like Tencel), and cotton (or cotton blends) are great if you want your layer to be breezy and breathable. Polyester and nylon are the way to go if transitional season means more humidity and you want something that wicks sweat and keeps you feeling dry and fresh all day. 


AT-A0714 (sustainable Mono B Green) in Mist


And don't forget denim jackets. Putting on denim (whether it's pants, shirt, or jacket) on a sweaty day is torturous, but as it gets colder (and we get less sweaty), denim jackets become a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Customize them with patches and pins and Swarovskis. Wear them with your Mono B activewear for a street athleisure look, or wear them with a dress and a statement necklace for a chic and timeless ensemble. 


KJ11732 cropped denim jacket in Light Blue


However, the temperature in the US (and the world) is not homogenous. Transitional pieces may not be the items that work best for your store. If this is the case, don't fret. Mono B also offers core styles that go beyond seasons and beyond trends.