Mono B Is
A Life + Style Brand

Established in 2009, Mono B is at the forefront of the Los Angeles fashion district, blending everyday fashion with high-quality, performance fabrics and inspired designs. Our brand's visionary aesthetic is brought to life through captivating videography, dynamic photography, and curated seasonal lookbooks.

A Household Name

Mono B commands the attention of thousands by consistently participating in prominent nationwide trade shows and executing impactful online awareness campaigns.

Fashion for the Future

Mono B is dedicated to expanding its Mono B Green line through the enhanced production of products crafted from sustainably sourced materials and innovative technology. We proudly partner with Jiaren to utilize their 100% recycled polyester, a remarkable material capable of being endlessly recycled via ECO-CIRCLE™ technology, maintaining its quality without degradation.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our use of 100% recycled nylon fibers, specifically the energy-efficient and water-conserving GREENLON® nylon yarns, which notably reduce CO2 emissions by up to 77%.

This conscientious approach culminates in Mono B GREEN: a collection that embodies our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, all while upholding Mono B's standard of high quality and affordability.

Private Development

Private developments are available in a range of sizes and customizations. Including but not limited to:

  • Tech pack design assistance
  • Fabric sourcing & testing for all needs (i.e. moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, etc)
  • Fit sampling & comments for the perfect fit
  • Tagging & labeling for retail inventory

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