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Mono B

The OG of Mono B Clothing! Apart from loungewear, denim, and contemporary wear, the Mono B anchor line also comprises of women's activewear and athleisure wear, available from XS to 3XL. The Mono B activewear items are four-way stretch and moisture-wicking, made using fiber like polyester, nylon, or cotton, and blended with an elastane like spandex for low to medium-impact activities.


Crafted from SupplexⓇ and LycraⓇ, The BRONZE line is our premium line and the brand's true heavy-duty performance activewear with better fabric and color retention - perfect for your next HIIT or kickboxing class.


For the eco-conscious, Mono B offers its newest line. The fabrics were woven using either 100% recycled polyester or 100% recycled nylon, and combined with an elastane such as spandex or LycraⓇ. Click here to read more about the process of making Mono B GREEN.

Mono B RED

The Mono B RED activewear items were made with similar-quality material to the Mono B anchor line, but with lighter fabric and a brushed, softer feel, making them the ideal wear for low to medium impact activities.


Mono B dives into the world of swimwear through its Mono B SWIM collection. From bikinis to single-pieces, our swimwear has Mono B's signature chic and classy silhouette, and outstanding quality.

Mono B MEN

Gentlemen, start your engines. The Mono B MEN line offers a wide range of stylish and versatilie pieces, from basic essentials, loungewear, to performance wear.